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New report puts Nevada near bottom for kids' well-being

A child plays with colorful plastic blocks. Children in need of quality childcare is in high demand but short supply, including for disabled children,  parents say.
Boonchai Wedmakawand
Getty Images
A child plays with colorful plastic blocks.

Nevada is growing fast again. Low taxes are driving businesses and people here from other states. Nearly 230,000 people moved to the Silver State from 2016 to 2021.

Those are people, oftentimes with children, or people who want to have children after establishing themselves here. But just how good, or bad, is the environment, the community, for children in this state?

The new Kids Count report finds Nevada in the lowest tiers for children in several areas: education, health, family and community, and economic reasons, such as poverty, secure employment and high costs.

What has to be done to get us out of the basement?

Tara Raines is the deputy director of the Children’s Advocacy Alliance of Nevada. The Alliance’s mission is to ensure children have a chance to thrive.

Guest: Tara Raines, deputy director, Children's Advocacy Alliance of Nevada 

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Paul serves as KNPR's producer and reporter in Northern Nevada. Based in Reno, Paul specializes in covering state government and the legislature.