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PowerSoul Cafe, first gluten-free fast food chain, to debut soon in Las Vegas

PowerSoul Cafe

Ever make plans to dine out and feel overwhelmed by the choices Las Vegas offers? The valley has an embarrassment of riches for local diners, assuming those diners don’t have dietary restrictions.

While options are expanding slowly for vegetarians and vegans, those with food allergies and intolerances have to search high and low for places that can accommodate their diets.

There’s a new local dining concept that has those people in mind.

PowerSoul Cafe touts itself as the world’s first certified gluten-free fast food restaurant chain. It also offers several vegetarian and vegan items, as well as an interactive online menu that narrows down offerings based on diners’ dietary sensitivities.

Dina Mitchell is the founder and owner of PowerSoul Cafe, which will debut at three locations in February.

Guest: Dina Mitchell, owner, PowerSoul Cafe

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