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Food Friday: Las Vegas spots for celebrating — or mourning — Valentine's Day

John Curtas Kelly Ford Lau Lorraine Blanco Moss Joe Schoenmann
Mike Prevatt
Our foodie panel: Lorraine Blanco Moss, left, John Curtas, Kelly Ford Lau and Joe Schoenmann.

Foodies discuss where to take your lovers — current and soon-to-be-former — on dining's big day.

There may be no better time to talk food than now.

In two weeks, people will gather for the feast known as the Super Bowl. And then there's Valentine's Day, one of the busiest restaurant days of the year, just 10 days away.

So maybe you’re looking for a romantic spot to wow your date. Or perhaps you and your friends need a “love bites” night out. We'll discuss candidates for both.

We’re even going to mention optimal places to break up with someone (besides your smartphone).

Our foodie panel includes John Curtas, whose restaurant musings have been shared in various publications since the mid-'90s (including our own Desert Companion) as well as on TV (such as Food Network’s Iron Chef America); Kelly Ford Lau, a certified wine sommelier and owner of KellySomm, an online wine shop; and our own Lorraine Blanco Moss, a producer at State of Nevada and a classically trained chef.

Restaurants recommended in the episode:

Here are links to the Yelp pages of some the restaurants that our panelists mentioned.

Chinatown or "Asiatown" Picks

"Romantic" Picks

"Break-Up" Picks

Super Bowl Picks

Wines Featured in the Episode

  • Raventós i Blanc Conca del Riu Anoia (2019)
  • Rainer Sauer Silvaner (2017)
  • Les Vins Pirouettes La Bullette de David Pet-Nat (2019)
  • R. López de Heredia Viña Cubillo (2013)
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Lorraine Blanco Moss is the host of KNPR's award-winning Asian American Pacific Islander podcast, Exit Spring Mountain. She's also a former producer for State of Nevada, specializing in food and hospitality, women's issues, and sports.
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