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These are SNWA's latest moves to protect Colorado River System

Water levels are at record lows and still dropping in the nations largest reservoirs. The federal government began the process of restricting water releases from Glen Canyon Dam, which holds back a shrinking Lake Powell.

In January, rate hikes are coming to water users in southern Nevada. In December, a major water conference will be held in Las Vegas. 

And in October, the Department of the Interior announced it wants to change federal rules so it can regulate use of Colorado River water. This came after the seven states using that water failed to come to agreement in August. 

And if you read the Washington Post recently, it had an almost apocalyptic story dire circumstances in the not-so-distant future as the river keeps falling. 

More than 20 years of drought is hitting the river hard. 40 million people depend on that water. About 2.3 million of those are in southern Nevada. 

John Entsminger manages the system as the general manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Guests: John Entsminger, general manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority

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