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The state of the black experience in Nevada; how has it been since George Floyd? What has to change?

Three supports of black lives protest outside of Las Vegas City Hall.
Zachary Green/KNPR

Supports of black lives protest outside of Las Vegas City Hall.

As we near the end of February, black history month, we’re going to reflect on the people, events, and places that make up the Black experience in Nevada. 

It’s no secret that southern and northern Nevada have a history of discrimination against Black people. Nevada wasn’t known as the Mississippi of the West for nothing.

But what’s it like today? Has it gotten that much better or — what does it mean that the George Floyd killing mobilized thousands of protesters against police violence, specifically against black people, in Las Vegas in 2020?

Watch featured guest and award-winning slam poet, Javon Johnson, perform his poem, "Cuz He's Black," below.

Lawrence Weekly, Chief of Staff & Director of Diversity, College of Southern Nevada; Cedric Crear, Las Vegas Councilman, Ward 5; Javon Johnson, Director of African American Diaspora Studies, UNLV

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Zachary Green is the Coordinating Producer and a Reporter for KNPR's State of Nevada Program. He reports on Clark County, minority affairs, health, real estate, business, and gardening. You'll occasionally hear Zachary Green reporting and fill-in hosting on the State of Nevada program.