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NV Music: Featuring Bazooka Zac, Jaycreux, K-Rizz, Feeki, Grace Hayes

Matty B


Willobee Carlan joins us to talk about the music NV 89 is playing. Willobee is the program director and afternoon host at NV89, Nevada Public Radio's music station in Reno.

We'll hear music by Bazooka Zac, K-Rizz, Jaycreux, Feeki, and Grace Hayes.

Bazooka Zac "Indigo Plateau"

“He’s a producer and performer from Reno. He’s performed all over the country, especially in Reno, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. But his home base is the state of Nevada.”

“Bazooka Zac is a prolific collaborator. He is working with the band Red Field Clipper that we play on NV89. Bazooka Zoo, which is another of his entities and the Sky Cats, which includes Grace Hayes.”

Feeki w/Grace Hayes (duet) “Prove Me Wrong”

“The song is called “Prove You Wrong.” Grace is right there at the beginning and then she’s joined by Feeki. In the song, they’re having let’s call it a lovers’ spat.”

“Feeki is from Gardnerville that’s in Nevada’s Douglas County just south of Carson City. He tours the country a lot. He’s got millions of followers already. What’s odd is he hasn’t been signed by a major label yet – but I believe it is just a matter of time.”

“He’s not the typical hip-hop artist. He’s been called the redneck hip-hop artist”

K-Rizz “Fire”

“I brought along a song by K-Rizz, born and raised in Reno, 25 years old. This song “Fire” was written in the aftermath of horrific California fires. The song reminds us that it's not the material things that make us happy. Life is more about who we are and about family and friends.”

Jaycreux “Run Dry”

“He was born and raised here in Reno and he’s finished up his undergraduate degree at UNR, in case this music thing doesn’t work out.”

Willobee Carlan, Program Director and Afternoon Host, NV89 Reno

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