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NPR’s From the Top Recorded at The Smith Center


From the Top
Carrie Kaufman

Jordan Farber performing in the Nevada Public Radio Studios.

NPR’s From the Top recorded at The Smith Center in February and you can hear that concert Saturday, April 21 at 4 p.m. and Sunday, April 22. at noon on Classical 89.7.

Guitarist Parsa Sabet and Bassoonist Jordan Farber wowed the crowd at Reynolds Hall, accompanied by pianist and host Christopher O’Riley.  And Nevada Public Radio was proud to host the auditions for this program last October!

On State of Nevada:

From the Top is Coming to Las Vegas

Las Vegas High Schoolers Featured On From the Top

Interview Excerpts:

Jordan Farber talks about his audition

Jordan Farber on playing expressive music

Jordan Farber on starting out

Parsa Sabet on his early start

What motivates Parsa Sabet

What Parsa Sabet does when there is no guitar class

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