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Chapter 8: The Missing


Native women experience personal violence at rates exponentially higher than other groups. Why?

In this episode, we explore MMIP, or Missing and Murdered Indigenous People — the name given to an effort to call attention to the causes of this problem, and demand change and accountability.

As activists, advocates and researchers discuss, intertwined with MMIP are the other issues we’ve explored, from the history of Indian boarding schools to the land-back movement.

Sharing their stories and work in this episode are Mox Alvarnaz, Kanaka Maioli;  Autumn Harry, Pyramid Lake Paiute; Jonnette Paddy, Dine; and Christina Thomas, Northern Paiute and Western Shoshone.

WARNING: Explicit descriptions of violence against Indigenous People are included throughout this episode.

Music for this episode was provided by Christina Thomas and Calpulli Tepeyolotli Aztec Dance Group.