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Las Vegas car talk: What's that noise and how much is it going to cost me?

Bobbie and Jesse
Kristen DeSilva/KNPR

Bobbie and Jesse Moreno at KNPR on Sept. 1, 2022.

We all know the feeling: you’re driving and over the sound of the radio, you hear something you’ve never heard before. You turn the radio down, and it’s still there. That sinking feeling is almost as bad as when you spot a police car in your rear view mirror. 

Whatever’s making that noise, it’s going to cost money. 

And as Las Vegas is a car city —almost no one walks, a big reason being it’s so hot much of the year— we all have car problems. 

A couple of longtime mechanics and shop owners have dealt with them all, and they were here to help. Bobbie Gottlieb owns 5 Star Auto Repair, and Jesse Moreno owns Genuine Auto Services. Both joined State of Nevada host Joe Schoenmann on Thursday morning.

One of the many callers was Shelley, who has a 2014 Jeep Cherokee. She has a noise that is worse while accelerating at a stop signal. The first mechanic she saw said her engine mounts were broken, but the second mechanic said that wasn't the issue. 

“Engine mounts are of higher quality when you go original equipment manufacturer (OEM), okay? Aftermarket parts, the rubber, the substrates, all that stuff," Moreno said. "It's a lower quality grade rubber ... has a tendency to vibrate a little bit more. So you may not get rid of all of the symptoms that you're having when you go aftermarket, but it is at least keeping that ..."

But what would that cost?

"On a Jeep? I don't know … you could go up to $1,000, Bobbie suggested.

"Depending ... because on certain vehicles, I've seen some engine mounts, even an OEM one, that’s $850."

Other callers asked about smelling gasoline, check engine lights, finding "rare" parts, replacing the transmission and more. 

Bobbie Gottlieb, owner, 5 Star Auto Repair; Jesse Moreno, owner, Genuine Auto Services 

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Christopher Alvarez is a news producer and podcast audio editor at Nevada Public Radio for the State of Nevada program, and has been with them for over a year.