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Las Vegas students get chance to cook with legendary Chef Martin Yan


Some eager young cooks are getting the chance to share their family recipes with one of the most respected chefs on television.

Chef Martin Yan of “Yan Can Cook” is starring in a new Vegas PBS series, matching the James Beard Award winner with the most talented students from CCSD’s Career and Technical Education’s Culinary Arts Program.

The digital series, " The Great American Recipe," started June 24. 

For the past 20 years, Yan, 73, has traveled the globe giving lectures and seminars for younger aspiring cooks.

"Las Vegas is the hospitality, entertainment capital. There's so many hotels, they need a lot of people in the business. So that's why I love to inspire young people to become to be a part of this wonderful business," he said.

On the show, students share with Yan their family recipes. He said he learned a lot from them, particularly in Hispanic cooking. Cactus was a newer ingredient for him.

Most of his career has been in public television, where he says he has the opportunity to reach people around the world. 

Emanuel Lopez is a Mojave High School student who will have his recipe, nopales, or cactus, on Yan's menu. 

"To see Martin Yan work as a professional chef, for me to put my dish on his table, for him to figure it out and elevate it even further. I'm super excited," Lopez said.

Martin Yan, chef, Great Vegas Recipe; Emanuel Lopez, culinary student, Mojave High School

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