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It's getting warmer, the sun's shining; it's time for some pre-spring gardening

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AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo

A resident plants herbs in a community garden of the Promised Land favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021

The sun’s shining more. It’s getting warmer. And one thing’s for sure: Wet, dry, windy or hot, Nevadans will be gardening. 

People simply like trying and succeeding in growing things in the desert.  

It’s become even more of a focus as the price of groceries increase due to inflation.  

There are always questions of timing, though—because timing isn’t even the same anymore. Heat seems to come earlier and last longer each year. 

So, how do you plant? How do you care for your trees? Have things already changed so much that your planting habits have to change, too?  



Norm Schilling, Owner, Schilling Horticulture; Angela O'Callaghan, Social Horticulture Specialist, University of Nevada Extension

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Zachary Green is the Coordinating Producer and a Reporter for KNPR's State of Nevada Program. He reports on Clark County, minority affairs, health, real estate, business, and gardening. You'll occasionally hear Zachary Green reporting and fill-in hosting on the State of Nevada program.