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New UNLV communications class focuses on how to navigate through love and relationships

Las Vegas sign, couples, wedding, love
AP Photo/John Locher

Wedding photos being taken at the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign on Valentine's Day, Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019, in Las Vegas

It’s Valentines day and the choices we’ve made either mean we’re with someone, we’re alone, or, now that we’re without masks and in Las Vegas, we’re people watching downtown or on the Strip.

Valentines Day for couples, and for singles, can be a time of reflection: how did I get so lucky as to end up with this person? Or how did I or we screw up so badly that it’s another year of Tombstone pizza, mountain dew and Netflix? 

For one UNLV class, every day is all about relationships. More specifically, how to communicate with romantic partners. Some of the topics covered: attraction, sex, cheating, forgiveness, and navigating long-distance relationships.  

Jenny Farrell, Instructor of Communication Studies, UNLV; Katherine Hertlein, Professor, Couple and Family Therapy Program, UNLV

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Kristen Kidman is a former senior producer at KNPR’s State of Nevada and is proud to be from Las Vegas.