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Congress calls for a new investigator to take charge after a rise of inmate deaths in tribal detention centers

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AP Photo/Felicia Fonseca

Visitors walk up to an adult detention facility in Tuba City, Arizona

Tribal detention centers in this country are getting a lot of criticism lately due to the relatively high number of inmate deaths that happened over the last several years. 

That’s led the Department of the Interior to hire a special investigator to look into what went wrong. 

But the person they hired to lead the investigation was part of a team that oversaw those detention centers. Under the watch of Darren Cruzan, who retired in May 2021, 7 of the 16 recorded deaths occurred. Two of the deaths happened in a tribal detention center in Owyhee, about 100 miles north of Elko. 

And late Thursday night, Several members of congress called for a do-over to hire the special investigator.  

Nate Hegyi, Roving Reporter, Mountain West News Bureau

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