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Chapter 6: Self-defense

In the latest installment of Exit Spring Mountain, hear about the threats made toward Nevada's Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, and how some responded by taking self-defense classes and arming themselves.

Exit Spring Mountain is a 10-part series from Nevada Public Radio exploring how history, politics, and economics shape the AAPI community while sharing stories by and for Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders.

The production team includes Executive Producer Sonja Cho Swanson; host Lorraine Blanco Moss; academic research consultant Mark Padoongpatt; research assistant Nessa Concepcion; sound editing, mixing, and mastering, Regina Revazova; News Director Joe Schoenmann.

Support for Exit Spring Mountain comes from Arcata Associates Inc.

Noelle Masangkay, student; Mark Padoongpatt, director of Asian-American Studies, UNLV; Lyon Gong, owner, Desert Fallout gun store; Tamara Nopper, sociology professor, Rhode Island College; Denise Gonzales, self-defense instructor

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