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Chapter 4: The pandemic, the unemployed

This begins a three-part arc on how the pandemic affected Southern Nevada's Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Exit Spring Mountain is a 10-part series exploring how history, politics, and economics shape the AAPI community while sharing stories by and for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

The production team includes Executive Producer Sonja Cho Swanson; host Lorraine Blanco Moss; academic research consultant Mark Padoongpatt; research assistant Nessa Concepcion; sound editing, mixing, and mastering, Regina Revazova; News Director Joe Schoenmann.

Support for Exit Spring Mountain comes from Arcata Associates Inc.

Bethany Khan, spokeswoman, Culinary union; Stella Kalaoram, member, Culinary union; Preeti Sharma, professor, Cal State Long Beach; Kanoe Kalua, Las Vegas resident; Penny Chua, co-owner, Lotus of Siam; Edelweiss Solano, director of family services, Asian Community Development Council; Chloe Hsia, senior civic engagement manager, Asian Community Development Council

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