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North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee follows his own political path, maybe to Carson City

City of North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee is finishing his second term in a different political party than when he took office eight years ago.

The longtime Democrat joined the Republicans this spring, saying his old party had left him. He’s now running for the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

His political resume dates back a quarter-century, first winning a seat in the Assembly in 1996 before going on to serve in the state Senate.

Lee started out in life more than 40 years ago as a plumber and promoting the construction trade has become part of his DNA, particularly when it comes to promoting North Las Vegas as the valley’s can-do town.

“We have we have more land in North Las Vegas right now that's under development than anywhere else,” he told State of Nevada, and “we have more potential land, that we're bringing water and sewer out to now.”


John Lee, mayor, North Las Vegas

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Dave Berns, now a producer for State of Nevada, recently returned to KNPR after having previously worked for the station from 2005 to 2009.