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Southern Nevada Business Leaders Say Cut Red Tape To Boost Economy

Tomás Del Coro via Wikimedia Commons

Las Vegas Councilman Brian Knudsen says municipal government is all ears when it comes to suggestions on how to get the economy going after the pandemic.

“The more ideas people have, keep pushing them forward,” he said.

Some Southern Nevada business leaders obliged.

Metroplex Realty President Paul Murad told State of Nevada that he would start with reforming the permitting and licensing processes.

“They really need to put forth effort and redo this process,” he said, “outsource it if necessary.”

Peter Guzman, CEO of the Latin Chamber, said among his members “there’s anxiousness to want to get back out there and produce.”

He said the best thing government can do is “get out of the way of the entrepreneur.”

“They have a way of reinventing, creating scenarios of success,” Guzman said. “Let’s do things to assist them in creating jobs and creating opportunities.”

He said the chamber is coordinating with business organizations around the state and created a website with resources for businesses.

Someone who is offering more than thanks for good ideas is Andre Carrier, chief operating officer of Eureka Gaming.

He is helping coordinate a $1 million contest to develop ideas to bring back the hospitality industry, which employs 350,000 in Nevada and 330 million across the job.

The Lee Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is being sponsored by UNLV's Lee Business School and the Lee Family Foundation.

Paul Murad, president, Metroplex Realty;  Peter Guzman, CEO, Latin Chamber of Commerce; Andre Carrier, chief operating officer, Eureka Gaming

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