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Doug Puppel

Online Editor

With deep experience in journalism, politics, and the nonprofit sector, news producer Doug Puppel has built strong connections statewide that benefit the Nevada Public Radio audience.

He has produced segments for the State of Nevada program on topics as diverse as business, politics, the arts, and Yucca Mountain. He also contributed to the award-winning coverage of the Oct. 1, 2017, mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Prior to coming to Nevada Public Radio, Doug edited a half-million circulation magazine, supervised business coverage for the state’s largest newspaper, and worked as a business and political consultant.

He also served on the Las Vegas Centennial Commission, contributed to the official Nevada sesquicentennial commemorative book, and has been active in the community since moving to Las Vegas in 1988.

Doug Puppel is no longer a member of our staff, but you can still enjoy their stories here.