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What Does It Mean To Be "Emotionally Recharged"?

When a recent study said Nevada was the sixth most "emotionally recharged" state in the country, you might have wondered just what "emotionally recharged" means.

"It really has to do with being on the path to being ready to make positive change, or someone who has already been making positive change in their life," according to Alejandro Foung. He's the CEO and co-founder of a company called Lantern, a San Francisco-based startup that offers online life coaching and self-help guidance.

According to the study, which was conducted using a random sample rather than from Lantern's existing client pool, being emotionally recharged includes things like taking time for yourself.

"You take a moment to relax," Foung said. "You have close conversations with a loved one. Just, really, things that are restorative for your emotional, positive state."

Oscar Sida, a clinical counselor and a UNLV visiting faculty member, said that while being "emotionally recharged" is not a phrase one would encounter in the world of psychology, the willingness to change and to adapt to different situations is definitely familiar, saying it's "a big predictor in people's abilities to learn new coping styles and ways of dealing with current stress."

"It sounds like it's a term that's almost unique to the study," he said.

Sida also said that online tools like Lantern can be useful in dealing with mental health issues, but that some larger issues, like obsessive-compulsive disorder, may not be as effectively managed simply through those types of coaching methods.


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Oscar Sida, clinical counselor and a UNLV visiting faculty member;  Alejandro Foung, CEO and co-founder, Lantern

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