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Nevada rep. on House standstill: 'This is an incredibly dangerous time for the Republicans'

Associated Press

The House of Representatives remains at a standstill.

Following its vote on Tuesday, Republicans were not able to garner enough votes to put Ohio's Jim Jordan into the speaker’s seat.

The Nevada contingency voted along party lines. Nevada Congresswoman Suzie Lee voted for Democrat Hakeem Jeffries of New York, as did 211 of her colleagues, including 20 Republicans, thereby outvoting Jordan for the Speaker of the House.

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Lee said this chaos in the House is the result of the Republican party caving into the demands of its most extreme members.

“If you recall part of the deal Kevin McCarthy made in order to get elected was to give more power to the most extreme members of his party," she said. "People who rejected the results of the election, who want to ban abortion access nationwide, who continue to do whatever they can to make sure that this House does not work in a bipartisan manner.”

Lee, who was recently voted “one of the most bipartisan” members of Congress, submitted a plan to allow Speaker Pro-Tem Patrick McHenry of North Carolina to serve as Speaker at least through January.

Lee said a small group of hard-line conservatives are causing the House to remain inoperable and ineffective.

“This is an incredibly dangerous time for the Republicans in the House to not get their act together and elect a leader. And if they can’t do it as a party, I stand ready and able and willing to be able to come to a bi-partisan agreement where we can set a path forward to allow this body to operate the way that it should which is in a more bipartisan way.”

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Next steps are still to be determined.

Yvette Fernandez is KNPR’s daily news reporter and announcer. She joined the station September 2021.
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