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State Assembly District 34 - Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod - Democratic

Name: Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod

Office: State Assembly, District 34

On-Air Interview Summary:

Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod has been involved in Nevada politics her entire life. Her father was in the Legislature and he served in Congress. Now, after working for many years behind the scenes in politics, Bilbray-Axelrod wants to move into lawmaking.

She told KNPR’ State of Nevada that she can’t sit back and hope that things go right anymore. She believes in the old saying that ‘you have to be the change you want to see.’

Bilbray-Axelrod said she is passionate about Las Vegas and about Southern Nevada getting its fair share. She pointed out that the southern part of the state has 75 percent of the population, but gets only 36 percent of the split of taxes.

She said there are infrastructure and education needs in Southern Nevada that aren’t being addressed. Bilbray-Axelrod said she thinks the legislature should meet every year. 







Support comes from





Party Affiliation: Democratic


Question: Last legislative session, the major initiative was a tax increase to support education in the state. What should the major accomplishment of 2017 legislature be?

For example, With the Supreme Court's decision to not allow referendum on the ballot this November, which that could have restored net metering to rates for additional customers, I believe this will be a major issue in the coming legislature and hopefully a major victory.

Question: If recreational marijuana is legalized by voters in this state, do you want revenue from it to fund health initiatives, research and/or youth awareness campaigns?

I would like to see have a meaningful impact on our failing schools and education program. For too long Nevada seems to be at the bottom of every good list and the top of every bad list. It would be wonderful if like our neighbors, Colorado. Whom, in just over a year raised $15.8 million for the Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) grant program.

Question: Many elected officials in Clark County say they’d like to see the property tax cap changed – that it's time because tax revenues aren’t meeting budgets. Is that an idea you want to see the legislature tackle?

I believe the legislature will have to tinker with the secondary formulation that will have CCSD, as one example, have a $550 million dollar shortfall. That being said, I am not in favor of adjusting the caps, just the secondary formula and the 10 year average.

Question: Do you support the construction of a taxpayer-funded NFL stadium?

I am opposed to a stadium, I do not think that we should be giving away $750 million of taxpayer’s money to fund the construction. Moreover, we need to modernize and expand our convention spaces for the future. I have traveled recently to conventions in Orlando, SF and Chicago. Unless we do serious upgrades we will lose to these cities that HAVE invested, and invested well.

(Editor's note: The candidate's biography and answers were not edited for content or length)

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