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Roberta Lange On Death Threats From Sanders Supporters

"Hi Roberta Lange, this is a citizen of the United States of America and I just wanted to let you know that I think people like you should be hung in a public execution to show that we won't stand for this kind of corruption. I don't know what kind of money they're paying you, but I don't know how you sleep at night, you are a sick, twisted piece of sh-t, and I hope you burn for this. You can return my call. I'd love to go into further detail with you about this. Though I'm sure you don't have the courage to do so, you cowardless BITCH, running off the stage. I hope people find you."

That is the text of one of many voicemails received by Roberta Lange, chairwoman of the Nevada Democratic Party, after the state convention ended in chaos this past weekend. According to Lange, the tone and language of this voicemail was not different from the thousands of calls she received.

Lange got many death threats both via voicemail and text after Bernie Sanders supporters at the convention perceived that she had excluded their petition to change the rules of the convention.

Of course, since people called her cell phone, she has their numbers.

We talked about what happened at the convention with Bernie Sanders supporter Tick Segerblom on Monday. This morning, we are talking with Roberta Lange about the threats she has gotten.

Support comes from

Not only did people call and text her, but they told her they knew where her grandkids went to school. And they called the restaurant where she works. The restaurant, Porchlight Grill, got so many calls Saturday night, it had to temporarily disconnect its phone. 

Lange's service as Nevada Democratic Party Chair is voluntary. She does not get paid.

Lange says she wants Bernie Sanders to apologize for the violent behavior of his supporters. Sanders released a statement yesterday that attacked the Nevada Democractic Party and alleged that one of his campaign headquarters had had shots fired at it a few weeks ago. He did not apologize.

The Nevada Democratic party launched a formal complaint to the national Democrtic Party, detailing the events at the convention.


Roberta Lange, chairwoman of the Nevada Democratic Party

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