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Where To Ride: One Man's Effort To Map Nevada's Biking Trails


 In 2012, the International Mountain Biking Association decided to gather data on biking trails across the country, put it in one place and make it available for the public. 

They gave it a name: MTB Project, an address –, and reached out to thousands of bikers for help. The result: a myriad of trails from around the world. 

In Nevada, there are 139 trails registered through the project, and the number is growing. More than three quarters of the state’s trails are thanks to one person, Mark Knowles.

He finds new trails, tests them, provides detailed information and makes it available for everyone at

Support comes from

"MTBing is a relationship. Relationships consists of give and take," Knowles told KNPR's State of Nevada. "At home, for example, you take shelter, warmth, security but give repair, upkeep and upgrade. In personal relationships you take love, interaction, companionship and security but give those things back in return. With MTBing I take what others have provided - bikes, trails, information, friendship etc. And MTB Project is one of the avenues for me to give completing the circle of the relationship." 


Mark Knowles, mountain biker, MTB Project contributor 

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