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What's Next for Arizona's Controversial Immigration Law

Arizona's controversial immigration law recently went before the Supreme Court. The justices will now decide on the whether to strike down or uphold all or parts of the law. Known as SB1070, the law would allow police to check the immigration status of people they suspect are undocumented. Police could also detain those suspected of being in the country undocumented. The law also makes it a misdemeanor in Arizona not to carry immigration papers. Since the law was passed in April 2010 the most controversial parts of it have been blocked by federal courts.

As the Supreme Court decides the fate of SB1070 the New York Times reports that many immigrants in Arizona are already living their lives as though the law is in place. Times writer Fernanda Santos reports many immigrants have created contingency plans for documented family members to take care of children and other responsibilities should they be detained and deported under SB1070.

We'll talk with Santos and Fronteras: Changing America Desk reporter Peter O'Dowd about what's next for Arizona's immigration law.

Fernanda Santos, bureau chief, NY Times Southwest bureau
Peter O'Dowd, reporter, Fronteras: Changing America Desk

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