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Is the Nevada State Fair in Danger of Closing?

After 137 years, is the Nevada State Fair going to close its tents? The fair is "virtually penniless" and over $204,000 in the hole. The fair featured a kaleidoscope look of Nevada's history, from stagecoach chases to mining. Its directors tried to re-brand its image last year, going as far as to include Civil War reenactments. If the fair closes, Nevada will be the second state to lose its state fair. Can it be saved? Some locals work the whole year toward showcasing at the fair. Who will be affected if it closes? And how does the closing of a Reno fair affect us in Southern Nevada?

Rich Crombie, Exec Dir, Nevada State Fair
Mackenzie Lange, Pres, 4-H Club of Washoe County/Reno

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