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Stardust Memories

Dave Hill

Dave Hill, elephant trainer with Lido de Paris at the Stardust, circa 1979.

When it opened in 1958 the Stardust was the world's largest hotel. Now, after more than 48 years, it's closed. The furnishings will be auctioned off and the buildings will be torn down...replaced by Echelon Place.

We're hearing a lot of great memories of the Stardust. One group of friends worked with animals at the Stardust. Don Triolo rode horses at the Stardust's Horseman's Park. Dave Hill was an elephant trainer who worked with the Lido de Paris. And his wife Kathy - who he met through that job. Dave Hill starts by explaining his job with the Lido.

(Produced by Rick Andrews.)

Don Triolo

Don Triolo at Horseman's Park at the Stardust, circa 1972.

Don Triolo

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

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