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As the possibility of a Vegas-based Major League Soccer team inches closer to reality, it's never too soon to pre-think the vital issue of what to call it. Let's not unthinkingly brand the squad after some cliche feature of Las Vegas or some derivative idea of what the city "means," however accurate those concepts might be. Some names to avoid:
Snake Eyes
The Shuffle
The Craps
The Sheldon
The Dry Heat
The Less Dry Than It Used to Be Heat
The Sunday
The Loosest Slots
The Girls Direct to You
The Tense Standoffs
The Constables
Bighorn: The Team
Disgraced Educators’ Inappropriate Touching Brigade
The Evil Clown Dentists
The Master-Planned Communities
The Fremont East Irregulars
The Mulroys
Life is Soccerful
The Gentrification
The Downtown Smell


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