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Just "Whoo" It

Illustrations of women pole dancing, hoola hooping, and doing acrobatics
Ryan Vellinga

Fitness doesn't have to be boring. These classes prove it

If you find the gym’s squat rack more pain than the gain is worth, explore these 10 fit- ness forms that free you from conventional exercise with creative movement and a touch of adrenaline.

(Disclosure: The writer has taught classes at Sunnys Pole Fitness & Boutique, and Pole Fitness Studio.)

BUNGEE Use your body weight to careen along the ground, pushing against the rigged harness stretching from the ceiling for the ultimate resistance training. Pole Kisses, Bungee & Aerial Fitness,; Aerial Athletica,

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BURLESQUE This art form is full of tantalizing tricks and titillating moves. Bonus: A rich cultural history and opportunity for creative costume design. Burlesque Hall of Fame, burlesquehall. com; Pole Fitness Studio,

HIGH WIRE High wire is the circus endeavor that teaches precision and balance on a tightrope — great for stabilizing ankle and knee joint muscles and improving focus. Trapeze Las Vegas,

HULA HOOP An inner child reconnection regimen, with hip-shaking, torso-twisting, and laughter guaranteed. Shine Alternative Fitness,

LYRA Suspended hoops encourage dancers to create shapes and move in unexpected ways. Las Vegas Circus Center,; Shine Alternative Fitness, shinealternativefitness. com; Aerial Athletica,

POLE DANCE The original club cardio, pole dance comes in a variety of styles and class types, available at several fitness centers around the Valley. Sunnys,; Pole Fitness Studio,; Deja Vu Presents Crash Academy,; Pole Kisses,

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CHINESE POLE The artistry that inspired modern pole dancing, this version uses a thicker pole, encouraging brute strength. (It can also be done fully clothed.) Las Vegas Circus Center,

SILKS Aerial arts looks all billowing grace — as dancers wrap colorful fabrics around their bodies to twist and fall with style — but requires strength and coordination. Aerial Fitness,; Craft Motions, us02/craftmotionsinc; Shine Alternative Fitness,

TRAPEZE Great for core-building, but not for the faint of heart, trapeze classes will teach you to swing you through the air with power and precision. Trapeze Las Vegas,

TWERK Like jumping into a music video, this is a lower-body workout that redefines “booty shaking.” Millennium Dance Complex,; Pole Fitness Studio,; Sunnys,