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Friday Photos: The Light at the End

A forbidding-looking door to a power station near Hoover Dam. Photo by Andrew Kiraly


(From left) Mojave Max, weatherman and traffic reporter Nate Tannebaum, and Get Outdoors Nevada's Aaron Leifheit speak to a group of first- and second-graders at Jacobson Elementary School. The presentation, a joint Clark County-GON education event, is one way of teaching kids outdoor ethics, the subject of "Class Is Out(side)," in our March-April issue.

A peek at the mountains just outside the Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Photo by Andrew Kiraly




Protestors disrupt a Downtown business opening — at which the mayor was expected to speak — to oppose recent city ordinances related to the homeless. Photo by Brent Holmes




On a regional note: Direct from the magazine’s Flagstaff desk, a photo of snow from the bottom — two inches of snow photographed through a car’s sunroof. Photo by Scott Dickensheets

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