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Experts weigh in on the state of Nevada's politics

Governor Steve Sisolak
AP Photo/Scott Sonner

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak speaks during a news conference in Carson City, Nevada.

Governor Steve Sisolak gave a rare off-year state of the state address last week, talking about Nevada’s economy rebounding from the pandemic. 

But a video recording of a verbal attack and threat against the governor and his wife has since dominated the news. 

Days after the state of the state address, the video was released showing the governor and his wife being harassed and threatened in a Las Vegas restaurant by a man who peddles extreme right-wing, anti-government conspiracies on the internet. He or another man made a racist comment to Sisolak’s wife and threatened the couple as they walked out of the restaurant. 

The governor’s wife is of Asian descent; she was born in Ely, Nevada. 

A recording of the verbal assault is below (Via The Las Vegas Review Journal)

While the video has overshadowed much of what the governor talked of a week ago, might it also have bolstered his support in a state where voters grew tired of political attacks? 

Paul Boger, Legislative Reporter, KNPR; Jacob Solis, Reporter, The Nevada Independent; Jon Ralston, CEO, Nevada Independent; Keith Schipper, Regional Communications Director, Republican National Committee

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Paul serves as KNPR's producer and reporter in Northern Nevada. Based in Reno, Paul specializes in covering state government and the legislature.