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A new book by George Knapp says the Pentagon takes UFOs (and more) very seriously (aired 2021)

A Department of Defense photo from the Gimbal encounter in 2015.
Associated Press

A Department of Defense photo from the Gimbal encounter in 2015.

The government investigation of UFOs that was acknowledged this year is part of a much broader inquiry into paranormal phenomena, a new book contends.

Las Vegas television journalist George Knapp and his co-authors write in the book that recent Pentagon studies of UFOs, first brought to light by the New York Times, were only part of the story.

The book, “ Skinwalkers at the Pentagon: An Insiders' Account of the Secret Government UFO Program,” explores extensive government studies into anomalies such as abductions, wormholes, antigravity, psychic activity, invisibility cloaking, and fusion technology.

Skinwalker Ranch in northeast Utah, referenced in the book’s title, has reportedly been a hotbed of such abnormalities.

“They documented and investigated hundreds of incidents,” Knapp told State of Nevada. “Just weird stuff. I mean, animal mutilations, dogs vaporized, invisible entities, cruising around UFOs, ... shadow creatures, poltergeist activity, ice circles, the equivalent of crop circles.

“It's like paranormal Disneyland all in one place.”

Long spearheading study of the ranch was Robert Bigelow, a wealthy Las Vegas businessman who has a long interest in the paranormal. He bought the property when he heard stories of what went on there but no longer owns it.

“He's a guy who has spent more money investigating UFOs and the paranormal than any person in the history of the world,” Knapp said. 

Knapp co-author Colm Kelleher said visits to the ranch during privately run research led to what he called “poltergeist activity” back home for the investigators.

“We had five military intelligence people who were on the ranch at different times,” he said. “They all encountered unusual phenomena on the ranch, and then 3,000 miles away a few days later, they would have poltergeist activity, they would have paranormal effects.

“They would have these small, lighted orbs that were floating through the house, different colors, sometimes blue, sometimes red, sometimes white, there would be shadowy figures that would wake up and there would be a shadowy figure standing at the foot of their bed.”

Kelleher said New York Times coverage “essentially focused on military pilot encounters with UFOs,” but that only scratched the surface of what the government was studying.

“The purpose of writing the book was really to correct the record because 95% of what the (Pentagon) program was involved with has never been made public,” he said.

State of Nevada listener Reed of Las Vegas, who said he hailed from near Skinwalker Ranch, wondered why most of the attention comes from outsiders and not locals.

“It's a rural community," Knapp responded. “Maybe people don't like to spill the beans about this stuff. But they know.”

​George Knapp, Las Vegas journalist, investigates UFOs; Colm Kelleher, microbiologist, author

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