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Raiders Executives Walk The Plank, And John L. Smith Wonders Why

Associated Press

Then-Raiders President Marc Badain speaks during the Allegiant Stadium groundbreaking in 2017. The longtime executive left the team last month.

Pro football teams cut players all the time, but the Las Vegas Raiders just got rid of several front-office executives amid reports of tax irregularities.

President Marc Badain, who had been with the team for 30 years, started the exodus with his resignation in July, two months before the start of the season and the opening of Allegiant Stadium to fans.

“He was a silver and black guy from day one and rose to the really to the top of the structure of the company.,” said State of Nevada contributor John L Smith.

Other executives followed Badain out the door, including the chief financial officer and controller.

“It's it's a big shake-up for any structure, but especially for a football franchise or a sports franchise, which really depends on that front office being as tight a team as any team that goes on the field,” Smith said.

The Raiders have yet to address the departures, but media speculation has focused on possible accounting and tax issues.

Smith said the team’s silence has allowed questions to fester.

“They would have done themselves a huge favor, explaining the issue, getting the best spin on that issue,” he said, “but to have it do a slow burn and leak is really something that is not smart.”

John L. Smith, contributor, State of Nevada

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