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State Of The City: North Las Vegas

Scott Lien

It felt like a banner year for the city that once teetered on the edge of bankruptcy.

 North Las Vegas mayor John Lee recently delivered his State of the City speech, in which he talked about job growth and economic diversity. Not that city fathers see everything with rose-colored glasses. Challenges still remain.

Much of that growth depends on the future of Faraday Future, the electric car manufacturer that has been saddled with setbacks that include funding challenges and executive departures. But Lee said he can guarantee that Faraday does indeed have a future in North Las Vegas.  

"I'm in constant contact with them, and I can promise you they are going to be building out there," Lee said. "They've submitted a timeline to the city manager, we're moving forth and solving problems daily." 

North Las Vegas could one day look very different the day that companies like Faraday and Hyperloop open their doors. But Lee said it takes patience. 

"We've got everything in place, so when I say we're buffering, the circles are moving, the content is coming, we're just waiting for certain things to happen like infrastructure and financing," Lee said. 

When it comes to financing the city, Lee said his goal over the next year will be to continue to increase the city's bond rating. 

One of the issues that came as a welcome relief to some residents in North Las Vegas during 2016 was the sale of RC Farms - otherwise known as the pig farm. 

2017 will likely see that land developed into housing with Sedona Ranch, which plans a 1,200 home development project. The farm land that was previously a county island is being annexed to join the city of North Las Vegas. 

When it comes to the state's legislative session, Lee said he will be keeping a close eye on decisions surrounding the state's property tax rates, something other mayors around the state have said is hindering their ability to grow. 

John Lee, mayor, North Las Vegas

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