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Commissioner: Days Of Big Police Pay Raises Over

The question of police pay raises arises after a bill is introduced to increase salaries for elected county employees

The days of Las Vegas police getting raises of 6 to 8 percent “are over,” said Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak.

Sisolak, vice- chairman of Metro’s Fiscal Affairs Committee, said police can expect moderate salary increases, from 1 to 3 percent, from now on. But larger pay raises won’t be happening anymore.

Sisolak was responding to testimony in the Legislature Monday, where a lobbyist for law enforcement associations said police sacrificed raises during the recession. Testimony was being taken on a bill that would give certain elected county employees – assessors, recorders, public defenders,  sheriffs, clerks and treasurers – 3 percent raises over the next four years.

Lobbyist Ron Dreher, representing the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Nevada, told the Assembly Government Affairs Committee that he only knew of one new contract, in the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, that granted raises.

Sisolak, though, said Metro police have received cost-of-living raises and other mandatory increases throughout the recession. The most recent two-year contract, he added, contains raises of 1, then 2 percent.



Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commission chairman, vice-chair of Metro’s Fiscal Affairs Committee

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