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Civic Engagement of Latinos

Political activists in Nevada are using Arizona's controversial S.B. 1070 as a catalyst to engage Latino voters in the Silver State for the November election. The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada has started a voter registration drive aimed specifically at Latinos who oppose an Arizona style immigration law coming to Nevada. A 2008 study authored by UNLV Professor, John Tuman says despite large increases in the Latino population of Nevada and Clark County, voter registration and turnout among Latinos has not kept pace with the group's population growth.

So will the controversy in Arizona be enough to move Nevada's Latinos to the voting booth? We talk with John Tuman and a pollster who focuses specifically on Latino voting trends about how the issue of immigration might impact the mid-term elections.

John Tuman, Chair, Dept of Poli Sci, UNLV
Gary Segura, Prof of Poli Sci, Stanford U, and contributor, Latino Decisions

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