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Sue Lowden, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate

Among Republican candidates aiming to unseat US Senator Harry Reid in November, Sue Lowden has long been the frontrunner. But recent polls show Lowden may be losing some support among conservative voters.

Sue Lowden, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

UPDATE: Sue Lowden repeatedly suggests on this program that KNPR's State of Nevada did not do its research. We are supplying the research links below so that anyone can review it as needed. (And we extend an invitation to Ms. Lowden or her campaign staff to provide explanation or clarification for the public record.)

* During our interview, Ms. Lowden asserted that taxes are currently very high. We cited this USA Today analysis, showing that in 2009, Americans paid the lowest level of taxes since the Truman Administration.

* We asked about the ownership of the campaign bus and the allegation that Ms. Lowden's name on the title violates campaign finance laws. The Associated Press has confirmed that the Nevada DMV treats the title, not a lease, as definitive.

Ms. Lowden did not speak to the substance of the legal arguments, nor the complaint to the Federal Election Commission.

*We asked Ms. Lowden if tax money would be used in the construction of the Silver State Arena proposed for the old Wet 'n' Wild site (owned by Lowden-controlled company, Archon Corporation). Lowden denied any tax money would be involved in the project. Christopher Milam, the project developer told the Review-Journal the opposite on Monday.

* Ms. Lowden also questioned our research about Archon Corporation, the company which the Lowden family has a majority ownership and operates most of its business interests. Minority shareholders complained about two board decisions, once in 2005 and again in 2006. In 2005, one shareholder complained that family members had been given valuable stock options for next to nothing.

In 2006 a Nevada District Court judge issued a summary judgement in favor of minority shareholders.

Archon, as it is required to do by law, revealed these facts in a 10-Q filing with the S.E.C.

You can download a pdf with more detail here.

Again, we are happy to post any documents or clarification that the Sue Lowden campaign would like to provide.

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