Deadly crash in North Las Vegas spurs conversation about traffic safety


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North Las Vegas Police Department via AP

North Las Vegas Police Department shows a Dodge Challenger in North Las Vegas on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022.

Police say a driver was going 100 mph or more when he sped through a red light, killing himself, a passenger and 7 people he hit with his vehicle. 

The same driver had pled guilty to speeding just nine days earlier. He also had another speeding ticket years earlier. 

A recent study out of Harvard suggests that drivers are, quote, “venting pent-up anger and frustration about life under covid-19 by letting it rip on the road.

Conversations arise as to whether the pandemic, lack of awareness, traffic policies and roads, or plain recklessness are at fault.   


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Erin Breen, Director, UNLV Vulnerable Road Users Project; Shashi Nambisian, Director, UNLV Transportation Research Center; David Swallow, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Regional Transportational Commission; John Lee, Mayor, North Las Vegas

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