As the workplace changes, where do unions fit in?


John Locher / Associated Press

Nevada is one of the most unionized states in the country, ranking about 10th. Most of those union members work in the casino industry. 


But we’re in a time now where workers hold the upper hand in all kinds of jobs. During the pandemic, when people were forced out of work but were given additional benefits, many decided not to go back to a job they hated. 


Others began to see just how valuable they were to the everyday life of residents in their cities and towns. 


So in Denver this month, 8,000 workers walked off the job demanding better pay and benefits. 

Support comes from


Could that be a sign of the times—when workers start to demand more pay-- and unionize in order to get it? In Nevada, could it lead to movements to unionize grocery or fast food or retail employees? 



D. Taylor, President, Unite Here

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