John L. Smith On The Republicans' Dueling Factions In Nevada


Associated Press

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald

With the mid-term elections 15 months away, Republicans are pulling apart when they should be pulling together, says State of Nevada contributor John L. Smith.

“About the time they all ought to be getting together and holding hands and making nice, there are two factions within the party in Southern Nevada,” Smith said.

The split between the Donald Trump-aligned state party and the more moderate Clark County GOP led to a recent disputed county officers election that saw state-backed candidates prevail. County officials say the vote was improper and an official vote will be held later.

Smith said fealty to Trump might be a Republican litmus test, but candidates who win in Nevada appeal to a broader audience.

“Nonpartisans are an enormous part of the vote,” he said, meaning Republican candidates need to thread a needle “to win that primary, and yet be acceptable to enough people to actually win the general.”

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John L. Smith, contributor, State of Nevada

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