New Nevada PAC Fights Masks


Associated Press

Nevada is now squarely in the crosshairs of COVID-19.

A White House document, obtained by media sources last week, identified Nevada as a “hot zone” state. That is, the rate of coronavirus infection here has now surpassed 100 per 100,000 people.

Under White House guidelines, Nevada should close bars and gyms, limit gatherings to 10 people, and mandate masks.

Nevada’s governor has already mandated masks, which are doctors and medical experts also urge the wearing of masks.

Yet there are pockets of people here who won’t wear them. And they resent being told to do so. 

Ian Bayne is one of them. He formed a political action committee called No Mask Nevada. He’s been holding rallies of people to protest the state’s masking mandate.

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Ian Bayne, founder, No Mask Nevada PAC; Dr. Cortland Lohff, acting chief medical officer, Southern Nevada Health District.


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