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Teachers in Clark County have massive classes; the school district has annual teachers shortages—and teachers voted for Governor Steve Sisolak based in part on promises of salary increases.

Seeing those increases are doubtful, teachers authorized a strike next year if the money doesn’t come through. The Clark County School District says it doesn't have the money and isn't expecting more, from state lawmakers.

But teacher strikes are illegal in Nevada. If a strike came next year, what would happen to teachers? To students?

John Vellardita, executive director of the Clark County Education Association, joins State of Nevada.

“My office is continuing to work with legislative leadership and school districts to fund our schools this session. I also plan to spend the interim working to fix the systemic budgeting issues the districts face that have left us in this predicament, while also focusing on a long-term fix to Nevada’s structural education funding issues.”  Gov. Steve Sisolak.

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John Vellardita, executive director,  Clark County Education Association

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