After County Commission, Susan Brager Eyes A Regent Role

She's a Democrat, she started the job in 2007, and now she's term-limited out.

Susan Brager has stepped down after serving on the Clark County Commission for 12 years. The commission is seen as one of the most powerful governing bodies in the state, overseeing the Las Vegas Strip, McCarran International Airport and the state's only public hospital, University Medical Center.

Brager represented District F, which includes southwest Las Vegas, parts of Summerlin and parts of west-central Las Vegas.

"I loved it," Brager said of her time on the commission.

Brager said it was her interaction with people that she loved most about her time on the commission.

“I feel like that’s where you can find out where you need to go and what you need to do within your community,” she said.

One of the things her community wanted and she was able to deliver was green space. Brager said she was proud of her efforts to bring several more parks to the southwest part of the valley during her tenure.

However, not being able to deliver on things like parks and recreation because of the Great Recession was one of the most difficult parts of the job.

“That what was difficult those five or six years, there was not the funding and you still had responsibilities,” she said.

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During the recession, the commission had the unenviable job of balancing the community's need for safety and protection with the county's lack of spending power.

While Brager is proud of her efforts to bring more parks to the southwest and keep the county afloat during the recession, she was criticized for her position on the proposed Blue Diamond Hill development.

Developer Jim Rhodes has been trying for years to build on the hill, which is just outside the boundaries of Red Rock National Conservation Area.

Opponents of the plan accused Brager of siding with Rhodes in the deal they say will damage one of Southern Nevada's most scenic areas. For her part, Brager told KNPR's State of Nevada she was not on Rhodes side in the matter.

"I did not side with Mr. Rhodes," she said, "What I sided with was the law. And the law stated that he did have a right to build."

The man taking Brager's place on the commission, Justin Jones, was an attorney for opponents of the development. 

Brager said she would have absolutely run for another term if allowed, but now she's setting her sights on a possible run for Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

“I might run for regent. I love education,” she told KNPR's State of Nevada.

As far as her legacy, Brager said people should remember her consistency.

“I would like people to know how I came into office is how I left office, being humble,” she said.


Susan Brager, former Clark County Commissioner

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