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Spaghetti Bowl Construction Update: So Far, So Good



This map from Nevada Department of Transportation shows the closures for the area through February.

As most drivers in Las Vegas know, there’s massive construction going on at the Spaghetti Bowl, which is the area where Interstate 15 and U.S. 95 intersect.

Tony Illia of the Nevada Department of Transportation told KNPR's State of Nevada that things are going well so far.

“We’ve heard that the commutes have been pretty smooth for the most part,” he said. 

Illia said NDOT worked with Clark County and the City of Las Vegas to communicate to drivers that the ramps were closing. He said the first few days of a closure are usually are the worst, but after a few days most people "adapt accordingly."

He said the department is encouraging people to download the app WAZE to their smart phones for real-time information on traffic tie ups. NDOT is launching its own app in the next few weeks that will do much of the same thing. 

Illia said the hype of "carnado" was actually much worse than the reality.

“The anticipation of the closures got whipped into a frenzy, but we would far rather have people brace for the worst and have things turn out not so bad than the other way around,” he said. 

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Tony Illia, Public Information Officer, Nevada Department of Transportation

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