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Training Immerses Metro In Community And Cultural Centers

As the country broils with controversy over police shootings, the scene in Las Vegas is arguably serene.

Shootings by Las Vegas police are minimal. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department officers have only been involved in six shootings so far in 2016.

That wasn't always the case. Just six years ago, that number was 25.

Part of the change is goes to new training. One of the key areas of that training, according to officials with the department, is immersing new officers into different cultures.

At Metro, it’s called the Adopt-A-Cop program.

Today, KNPR talks to officers who’ve been through the program, and people from Chinatown, West Las Vegas and The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada who have participated.


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George Ramirez Murillo, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department; Alissa Mendoza, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department; Joe Shen, property manager, Chinatown; Michael Dimengo, CEO, The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada

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