Mug Shots 7: Poking Fun At The Presidential Candidates


"Can Hillary Sew This up?" By Diane bush

It’s been a crazy presidential campaign season, full of twists and turns. Sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves, and let out a little steam.

That’s where Diane Bush comes in. She’s been curating a series of satirical art shows around Clark County that seem to poke fun at nearly everyone.

“Every eight years, I really like to take my art and really focus on what’s going on in the elections,” she told KNPR's State of Nevada.

Eight years ago at the end of George W. Bush's presidency, she put up a big picture of the former president and gave people a small vial of bleach to dump on the picture. The work was called the "Im-BLEACHment of George Bush."

She said the idea was to allow people to get out negative feelings. 

Her next show, "Mug Shots 7,"  is at the Wonderland Galley at the Arts Factory in downtown Las Vegas. It begins Thursday August 4. 

While with a title like "mug shots" it sounds like she's calling the candidates criminals, Bush said that is not really the case.

“It's more based on the fact that I’m putting a lot of art work on ceramics,” she said.

Support comes from

She created a mug with Donald Trump on it and then Bernie Sanders and then Hillary Clinton. She also created a series of plates with their images, which she will have the public smash in an event in October. 

And just like with the bleaching of former President Bush, the destruction has a purpose.

“I wanted to come up with something where the public could vent their frustrations and negative emotions,” she said.

That isn't the only event Bush is planning for the election season. Election night she's planning "The Final Tally" show at the UV Gallery, which will feature the best of all the submissions from artists, nationwide, that she's been collecting during this 10 month political art project.


"Politics #1" By Tim Hutto


"Feel the Bern" by Jerry Ross


"Donald" by Joseph DeLappe


Series of 16 plates



Diane Bush, artist and art curator

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