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Classic Film Theater, The Return


Fred Wasser

The Baobab Theater, Town Square

There was a time when just about every city had a theater showing classic films.

Often it was two movies in a day, and everyday – smart pairings like the Orson Welles films “Citizen Kane” and “The Magnificent Ambersons” or perhaps a couple of French New Wave films by Truffaut or Goddard.

Then came HBO, Showtime, and Netflix – and the death of the revival house.

Now, a little off-the-beaten-path theater, The Baobob Stage in Las Vegas is trying to revive the revival house.

Ozren Cvjetic is the curator of the classic film program at the theater. He said growing up he would go to the classic movie theater and figured Las Vegas was big enough to support this type of theater.

“Las Vegas a metropolis," Cvjetic said, "Why not have a cinema like that?”

Just like he was inspired as child growing up in what was once Yugoslavia, Cvjetic believes his program could do the same. 

“I think we should have a cultural institution showing really good art and classic movies to maybe inspire somebody.”

Wassa Coulibaly is the owner of Baobab Stage. She says when Cvjetic approached her about the idea, she had just seen a great classic movie in a theater in Switzerland and fell in love with the idea.

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“I really believe there is an audience for this,” she said.

Coulibaly said there are people from across the globe who live in Las Vegas and are interested in classic films. 

Cvjetic rejected the idea that watching some of these movies would be the same on the small screen at home. 

“It’s a very magical experience," he said, "It’s a very communal experience.”

He compared to going to an art gallery. You may be able to see pictures of the art work online, but you don't have the experience of talking with people about the art work. 

Cvjetic would like to start doing retrospectives focusing one theme or director or artist.  


Wassa Coulibaly, owner, the Baobab Stage at Town Square; Ozren Cvjetic, curator, classic film program the Baobab Stage

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