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Made In Vegas Boozy Ice Cream To Hit Strip This Summer


Momenti Spirited Ice Cream

White Russian Pecan ice cream

It’s no secret that two of our greatest loves here in Las Vegas are alcohol and food. So, it makes perfect sense to try to combine the two.

That’s exactly what one Meadows School graduate has done with his boozy ice cream concoctions.

That's right – alcohol and ice cream, together in harmony.

Leif Pearson has opened the valley’s first spirited ice cream plant.

It's called Momenti Spirited Ice Creams, and it might soon be on the Las Vegas Strip for locals and visitors to indulge themselves. 


On being a mixologist:

“There is definitely a mixing and blending in each one of our flavors and each one of them uses the alcohol that would be appropriate for the flavor and tastes best”

On leaving his information technology job to make ice cream:

"I was looking for something different to do. I was looking for something that was more peopled and when I realized this was a synergy of being creative and being able to really connect with people because there is no better way to connect with people I realized in the last two weeks than to give them food”

On how he comes up with flavors: 

 “Just like any other creative process, maybe in music, sometimes it begins with the lyrics or sometimes it begins with the music. For me, I just kind of keep my senses open and I’ll see something or I’ll hear something that somebody would like”

Support comes from

On the chemistry of freezing alcohol:

“We use a lot of science to figure out the freezing curves. That is pretty much the most I can tell you because I have a patent process” 

On where you can buy it:

“I think that will be the first place people are going to see us and be able to buy us is at some of the larger pools. [on the Strip]”

On getting drunk on boozy ice cream:

"I felt a pretty good buzz after eating a couple of my limoncellos."

"I realized that beer is something that most people are comfortable drinking maybe even at more casual business meetings and gatherings so I went with 5 percent [alcohol by value]" 


Leif Pearson, owner, Momenti Spirited Ice Creams 

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