Facebook Leads To Nevada Poaching Arrests

From the evidence, Nevada Department of Wildlife can only conclude that the four men suspected of illegally killing dozens of wildlife animals were doing it for pure ego.

The picture posted on one of the suspect’s Facebook page only serves to further that belief. When officials from the department caught on to the picture of a mule deer doe slung over a man’s shoulder in June 2013, a 13-month investigation ensued.

What they found shocked the department, according to spokesperson Ed Lyngar, who said evidence led to butchering tools, weapons and ammunition that could have played a part in the systematic killing of dozens of deer and migratory birds.

Hunting seasons and lotteries are in place for a reason, Lyngar said, to propagate appropriate and necessary management of wildlife. The majority of the animals linked to the poaching ring were not harvested for their meat, but rather left in the open.

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The Facebook photo showed an environment that was clearly not during hunting season. 


Ed Lyngar, Spokesperson, Nevada Department of Wildlife

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