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Author Sojourner Takes On Big Solar in '29'

Long-time Arizona resident and author Mary Sojourner is familiar with the barren desert lands so many of us call home. In her latest novel, "29," competing interests come to a head as rural America opposes big solar development near the town of Twentynine Palms.

Drawing her stories from those in her own 74 years of existence, Sojourner is a student and teacher of literature. In the case of "29," a multinational company plans a utility-scale solar on the site of the sacred Salt Song Trail.

A group of Native Americans and scrappy town residents -- including Nell, a corporate refugee, and Monkey, a dope-smoking mechanic -- stand in the way.

Sojourner tells KNPR about the heroes of the book, explaining how their lives intertwine with one another and the desert southwest.

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Mary Sojourner, author, "29"

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