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Clark County Schools' Chief Reviews Spending

Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky is vowing to scrutinize every dollar spent in the Clark County School District to assure funds are used expressly for student achievement. The pledge came during Skorkowsky’s first State of the District address given recently at Del Sol High School about a year after he took over the struggling district, the fifth-largest in the nation with a $2 billion annual budget.

Skorkowsky said several local CEOs and former school superintendents have volunteered to dig through district and school budgets, assessing budgeting structures and return on investment of expenses. He expects the advisory panel to begin their work in July. Among the members of the panel are former school superintendents Brain Cram and Walt Rulffes, as well as former Station Casinos CFO Glenn Christenson and Brent Husson, president of NevadaSucceeds. Husson said priority should be areas within the education system that they can influence.

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Jose Solorio, former CCSD school board member

Jim McIntosh, CFO, Clark County School District

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